The Christian Education  Board is 
a Ministry of the
 Original Free Will Baptist Denomination
Christian Education Ministry

The focus on Sunday School should be sustained throughout the year to be true to the words of Jesus in Matthew 28: 18-20.  However, we would ask that February be set aside as OFWB Sunday School Month in order to rally our congregations to the importance of the Sunday School in the growth of the church.  
Also, the fourth Sunday in February is always designated as Sunday School Day to place special emphasis on honoring those who have entrusted their lives to carrying God's Word to everyone.
Our Mission
The mission of the Original Free Will Christian Education Ministry is to assist churches in developing the knowledge, skills and attitude that will enable people to go, teach and make disciples in each of our communities.
Woman's Spiritual Life Retreat
Jan. 28- 31, 2021
Hope you can join us 
Follow this link for more information on our weekend.
Feb 28, 2021
Do you know of an OFWB Youth who can not afford to go to camp next summer?
Help them apply for a scholarship which will help pay for their camp registration fees.
Deadline is Dec. 31, 2020.
Follow this link for more information.
OFWB CEM Camp Scholarship Fund

It is with sad and heavy hearts that the OFWB Christian Education Ministry Director and it's Board announce that we will be postponing the Annual     LIFE CONFERENCE which was originally scheduled for March 6, 2021.  If Covid restrictions allow we plan to have training in the Fall of 2021.
Thank You for your understanding and for you continued support of this ministry.