Customized Assistance

    Is your Sunday School struggling along?                     Are you growing Spiritually?  
    Do you focus only in numerical growth?                      Does your youth program need help?
When requested, we can go to your church and offer a Christian Education Assessment, which includes a strategic plan for growth of your Sunday School or Christian Education Department.
In this assessment we will look at the current activities of your church, and the strengths and weaknesses of each of your programs. We will take each area that needs improvement and write a plan for removing those weak areas and give you strategies to help you develop a time line in implementing new programs that might would work for your church.  We will also help you look at the responsibilities of various programs and help you decide who might be suitable for the work of that program.  We will then design workshops and seminars that will meet the needs of your church and provide follow up throughout the transition and as long as requested by you. 
This ministry offers many workshop topics to meet the needs of your church in such areas as Men's and Women's Ministry, Marriage, Family and Youth work plus much more.
Contact us today if we can help you.